How Did Andrew Johnson Impeached

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Andrew Johnson “If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet.” These powerful words were spoken by Andrew Johnson. This quote describes how brave he was and this also explains his character. Andrew Johnson lived a tough life. Andrew Johnson was born in North Carolina and had a pretty poor childhood. He was self-taught and didn’t go to school. He married a woman named Eliza McCardle and had 5 children. However, after he grew up and became a senator, he went on to become the 17th president we know as Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson was appointed to become the president after Abe Lincoln got shot. Did you know he was the first president to ever get impeached? After he vetoed the “Freemans Bureau” bill, the members of Congress overthrew the veto and he was sent to court for impeachment. Apparently, he was found innocent and after he was removed from the presidency, he decided to get re-elected to the Senate. In the beginning, Andrew was born into a poor family and lived a very poor childhood. Andrew was born in 1808 in North Carolina in a little log cabin. The name of Andrews’s mother was Mary “Polly” McDonough Johnson. The name of Andrews’s father was Jacob Johnson, but he died when Andrew was 3. Andrew Johnson had…show more content…
First, he forgave ex-Confederate officials and began fighting with the Republican Congress about Civil Rights. The Congress refused to accept the ex-Confederate officials and the new laws and codes they proposed in 1865. Andrew Johnson apposed and vetoed both the Civil Rights bill and the Freedman’s Bureau bill in 1866 hoping to bring the Southern States back into the union. This only created more distrust and fighting with the majority republicans in the Congress. Andrew Johnson did all these things, and his presidency ended before he expected. Andrew Johnson was also president when the United States purchased Alaska from
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