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Andrew Kehoe was born on February 1,1872, Michigan. Andrew kehoe was responsible for one of the largest-school related mass murders in the United States. Andrew lived in the small community of Bath, Michigan, with his wife on his farm. He was elected to the school board in 1924 and later won another community post to serve as the town clerk. But two years later, his fortunes seemed to be in decline. He lost the nomination for the clerkship and was having trouble with school board. His wife was also ill. And, to top it all off, Andrew was grappling with financial problems. I believe Andrew Kehoe is evil because on May 18,1927, he committed the most worst mass murder in American schools ever providing that this is no just something started recently; The 55 year old kehoe life was falling apart, upset about election loss, rising taxes, and his wife having tuberculosis, the Michigan farmer went off the deep end. He was no longer making mortgage and rigged his house and the school with it.…show more content…
He had became upset as if someone did something to him, had shot a neighbor’s dog and had beaten one of his horses to death. Prior to his murderous rampage, Andrew had girdled the trees on his farm, to make sure they are guaranteeing die, cut his fences, killed his grape vine, and piled lumber in his building to feed the coming fires. His neighbors regarded Andrew as a highly intelligent man who grew impatient and angry with those disagreed with him. Neighbors recalled that Andrew was always neat, and was known to change his shirt at midday or whenever it became even slightly dirty. Neighbors also recounted how kehoe was cruel to his farm animals. At first the Kehoes belonged to the Catholic Church in Bath, but her refused to pay the church’s parish assessment of members, and prevented his wife from

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