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Andrew Makasziw explains the great importance of his poncho, the military had issued him when he joined the military, in “The Thing I Carried”. He explains why he always carried the poncho while he was in the military. One of the reasons was that the poncho offered privacy in Afghanistan. While Andrew Makasziw was in Afghanistan he had to live in 15 feet long by 20 feet wide room packed with 7 bunk beds. So, privacy was a big issue, but what he did to solve this issue was to drape his poncho from the top bunk down by tucking it under the top mattress. This gave him his own little world that he could own and no one else could see him, where he could completely just relax. A while ago I did the same thing but with a blanket and duct tape since the top bunk had a railing on it. The reason why I did it was because I was sharing a bunkbed with my brother and the house was always very loud, completely filled with people who were always making lots of noise. The basement bedroom was the only place in the house not constantly filled with other people, it did have people coming in and out through. So, it was very nice when I put up the blanket it was like I had created my own little piece…show more content…
Which is what I did with a blanket that was just laying around. For pretty much the same reason although he did have more reason too since he was cramped in a tiny room in a foreign country with lots of other people in the same room. While I just really wanted peace and quiet. Also, I literally spent all the time I could in my little world. It truly is fascinating how a piece of fabric draped over the opening of a bunk bed could mean to someone and how it could offer so much. It is also very interesting to see that I’m not the only one who would do something like this although the exact reasons were slightly

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