Andrew 'Rube' Foster: Racial Discrimination In Baseball

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Racial Discrimination in Baseball David Odom English 7-8 Argument Research Paper Professor Yoder Abstract This paper will talk about Racial Discrimination in baseball. More specifically how blacks in the early 1900s where discriminated against because of there color, the teams that the African Americans formed, one of the best African American baseball players of all time Andrew "Rube" Foster, why racial discrimination is wrong, why some believe that racial discrimination is right, and finally what the Holy Bible has to say about it. Introduction Throughout the life of America views on African Americans in sports have drastically changed. This is all because of one sport. That sport is the great game of…show more content…
The son of a Texas minister, Foster began pitching for the Waco Yellow Jackets after completing eighth grade in 1892. In 1902 he won 51 games, including an exhibition victory over Rube Waddell of the Philadelphia Athletics, who led the American League in pitching by winning 27 games that year. Foster acquired the nickname "Rube," which remained with him his entire life. In that same year he joined the Chicago Union Giants and pitched briefly for that club until joining a white semiprofessional team in Ostego, Michigan. That season he won 54 games and lost only one, leading the Cubans to victory in the African American championship. He pitched for the Philadelphia Giants the following year and led the team to the African American pennant. A salary dispute caused Foster to leave and join the Leland Giants in Chicago in 1907, where he enjoyed success as a player-manager. In 1909 a broken leg kept him out of the playoffs and his team lost the series. In 1910 the Leland Giants roared back to the top of African American baseball, posting a record of 128 wins and 6 losses and winning the championship. Foster was one of the all time great African American baseball players that will be remembered for lifetimes to come for his skill and help in changing perspectives on others from a different…show more content…
Our different races are the product of many, many millennia, and it is both natural and right that the evolution of races continues. To continue the work of Nature - to continue the evolution, the development, of races - we must have ethnic nations. Racism is good because it is the force which is driving us toward the creation of ethnic nations: toward the complete separation of the races, and thus toward better societies, societies without the racial resentment, the racial violence and the oppression which occur in all multi-racial
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