Andrew Wiggin In Ender's Game

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Andrew Wiggin, also known as Ender is the main character in the book Ender’s Game. He lives in a world where mostly everything is controlled by the government. At first, I feel sympathy for him because he is a “Third” (A third child) which wasn’t accepted by other people. Further on in the story Ender realizes that there are some benefits of being a third. His brother Peter was smart and very aggressive. His sister Valentine was also smart but too nice and gentle. Ender being the third has both of their characteristics being the perfect kid that Graff (officer like person) and the people above him needed. Although his problem being a Third might not be that bad, I feel sympathy for him because he is chosen by Graff and the International Fleet…show more content…
Therefore it makes the story easier to imagine and picture. Since the book has more information and details, it interests me when I read something that didn’t happen in the movie. I am starting to like this book and hope to read on. This book is said to have many good quotes. I found one quote that suggests how people act about warfare. “I have to win this now, and for all time, or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.” (Orson Scott Card 7) This quote is what helps Ender make his decision to kick the bully that has been picking on him. The quote is pretty self explanatory and it suggests that Ender should end the bully from picking on him for once and for all instead of leaving him alone and getting picked on again on the next day. In the end, Ender does actually end the bullying by kicking the bully over and over. I have realized that at the start of every chapter so far, there are usually two or more people who are in a higher rank in the International Fleet Command that are talking about Ender. It seems to me that they know everything about Ender and that they are going to use him in some way. I have also realized that discussion they have foreshadows the events of the chapter. I really like how the author put this in because it gives a mysterious setting for the reader and we would probably recognize that it will be very important further on in the
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