Andrey Sakharov: The Father Of The Soviet Hydrogen Bomb

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Father of the Soviet Hydrogen Bomb.
“In 1947 I defended my thesis on nuclear physics, and in 1948 I was included in a group of research scientists whose task was to develop nuclear weapons” .- Andrey Sakharov. The twentieth century was a critical year for human civilization in many ways. Advances in science transformed the lives of people and shook the traditional way of life across the globe. The perception of human existence and its core aspects have never been the same after the developments during the twentieth century. Together with discoveries in physics and chemistry, the century has witnessed two world wars which led to millions of human deaths and other human atrocities. One of the miracles of the twentieth century was the creation of a nuclear weapon. The development of the nuclear weapons followed with further research on the hydrogen bomb as well as all the controversies surrounding the creation of the weapon. These controversies can be directly linked to some issues of moral and ethical significance. The story of Andrey Sakharov about his contribution to the nuclear arms race of the USSR and its implications is a vivid example of that link.
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Tsar bomb was the most powerful nuclear or weapon in general ever tested or created in the human history. And this was a last and the most robust weapons in which Sakharov engaged in under the rule of Nikita Khruchev. The Tsar Bomb is an estimated to be of fifty megatons of power. The bomb was a three stage bomb. Initially it was planned to be hundred megaton. The fact that the uranium fusion was altered to lead made it a purest energy . This was followed by further tests on both sides in US and the Soviet Union. The tests were resumed after discussions on stopping them. Sakharov was deeply disappointed by this and felt his responsibility for this
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