Androgyny In Today's Society

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To begin, according to there are two definitions that define androgynous. The first definition explains the physical (intersexual) aspect of androgynous. The first definition states: “Born with both male and female genitals”. The second definition explains the psychological aspect of androgynous. The second definition states: “Combining both masculinity and femininity as traits of a unified gender that defies social roles and psychological attributes” (Lee,2005). However, in today’s society typically the psychological definition of the term androgynous is the one frequently utilized to explain exactly what androgynous is. The term androgynous also can refer to an individual’s sexual orientation; for example, an individual who is…show more content…
During the 1980’s androgyny was a reflection of the current time era known as the 1980’s (although some refer to androgyny as a “weird 80’s pop trend”. However, pop artists frequently expressed androgyny in efforts to bend gender norms, societal norms, and sexuality norms. Pop musical artists wanted the youth to know that they could be whomever they wanted to be; and that they did not have to conform to typical gender norms, societal norms, and sexuality norms. Basically pop artists in the 1980’s influenced the youth to rebel against anything that was deemed as “normal” or “appropriate”. The androgynous culture in pop music during the 1980’s was largely successful due to the rebellious aspect of the androgynous culture; this rebellion resonated with many individuals (especially teens). As a result, pop music artists of the 1980’s such as David Bowie, Queen, Boy George, Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson achieved high album sales, number 1 hits on the Billboard charts, and critically acclaimed reviews (eighty-eightynine,2016). The first 1980’s pop music artist that I will discuss who successfully embraced the androgynous image is…show more content…
These artists continue to push the androgynous agenda by shattering sexual, cultural, and societal norms through their fashion, music, and mannerisms. Today society is still shocked, confused, amazed, and some even applaud by the androgyny displayed in pop music. But, today the androgynous culture is more accepted than it was in the 1980s; although, people still have a difficult time understanding and explaining what androgyny is. However, overall it is clear to see that the androgynous culture would not be as prevalent and successful today if it wasn’t for 1980’s pop music as a genre, and the three most influential 1980’s androgynous pop stars Madonna, Prince, and Michael

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