Android App Disadvantages

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Advantages of Android App Development for Small Companies Many business owners have the thought of owning a personalized business app run through their head at least once. Some stop because they find the idea too onerous. Others just don’t see an effective way to make it work for their business. Certain company owners even turn into iOS or Android app developers just to make a profit of an exceptional business idea. Taking the reverse process - becoming an app developer after you’ve proven yourself as a successful manager is possible, but it can also be unproductive. It’s far easier to transfer your idea into the hands of experienced android app developers and let them work their magic by turning it into reality. There is huge potential…show more content…
You’d still have to plan, decide on the preferred platform, choose the target audience and think about the in-app value that will excite your customers. Having this in mind, is owning a mobile app advantageous? Shouldn't you just stick to your website? Why should you consider android app development for your business? Here are five advantages that can help you think of the product development with more aplomb: 1. 24/7…show more content…
It’s practical and free from the fluff of a website since it doesn’t have the numerous content and marketing channels necessary for shops. Can you believe that some successful apps have taken only six weeks for the android app developers to take the project from an idea to a final product? It’s a one-time investment that sets the pace for a lucrative business for years to come. 4. Enduring digital visibility. Apps make your business ultra visible. You are before the eyes of the customers on their phones and compete within the industry on the Android market. Using alerts and notification you can grasp the attention of users who are always there, even if they don’t always know what they need. Android apps are like an on-the-go communication channel with a powerful and active user base you wouldn’t be able to reach unless you made the app. 5. Simple payments. Business stores online take an awful lot of effort for the business to set it and for the customers to manage their account, not to mention the impossibly rivaling big markets where it’s difficult to find a place among the huge players and claim it as your own. App payments can be straightforward. Ask the android app developer to set a shop that it not only makes the payments simple, but also streamlines customer relations. The app will, in fact, turn into an exclusive platform only for your

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