Android OS Advantages And Disadvantages

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1. Adaptability Android OS : The Android OS allows for syncing to the google cloud, this includes photo’s, contacts, documents and calendars. It allows for multiple types of information protection. Many applications are available through the Google Play store allowing me to customise my phone to my precise requirements. Widgets are enables on the home screen allowing me to see information without having to go into an application. Phonebook: Creates a list of all favourite contacts Large screen: Text size can be changes to make the font easier to read SMS / MMS: Allow for the exchange of messages and pictures. 2. Leverage GSM / HSPA / LTE: Access to high speed internet (where available) and to lower speed internet access in remote areas. The…show more content…
3. Ease of Mastery With the Android OS the ease of data transfer from one device to the next is as easy as one click of a button. All contacts, calendars and apps are installed on a new device on first setup. The OS allows you to set accounts for various applications, allowing seemless integration between various applications. The flow of the Android OS is very user friendly and logical. The phone can only do the very basics, make a call, send a message and set reminders. This is to ensure that there is not too much to have to look at and focus on when using the device. The steps to do these basics are very easy to master and are no more than 3 clicks long. The few additional features like the camera are also easy to master with no additional settings in the camera app to cause confusion. 4. Accessibility The phone is available at all leading network providers, targeting the specific market of potential buyers. This phone has network coverage across the country and the ability to roam internationally This phone is available at shops where people in your lower income bracket would shop eg. Pep…show more content…
An average price of about R200 – R300 makes this device an affordable option for most. 6. Participatory Wifi, WLAN allows the device to connect to the internet without using any data. The HOTSPOT allows me to share my internet access to multiple people. Social media and communication with people worldwide is made possible with access to the internet. Allows for connection to the internet to keep up to date with the latest news. The messaging function allows person to keep in contact with family and friends. 7. Transferability With the sync to Google Drive and the google platform allows for media to be easily transferable from one device to the next as well as from mobile to PC, this sync also enables the transfer of an entire phones data to a new device very simple and easy. The NFC and Bluetooth functionality makes the transfer of data between devices easy and seamless. The transferability of messages and pictures are done via SMS and

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