Andromeda Strain Analysis

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The Andromeda Strain is a book about a group of 5 scientists that are trying to explore the outer space for new organisms, The scientists send these capsules into the space hoping to discover new organisms that are not on Earth. Project Scoop is the 8 capsules that the scientists sent into the space. Unfortunately the scientists could not find any new organisms in any of the 8 capsules. The eighth capsule, named Scoop VII, unexpectedly left orbit which was then radio commanded to land. The capsule landed in the town of Piedmont, Arizona. When the scientists went to retrieve the capsule they discovered an unknown killer in the insignificant town. They came upon a disarray of dead bodies laying all around the streets and yards. Then, they proceeded to put on protective plastic suits to protect themselves from whatever this killer is.The scientists discovered that whatever killed everybody, clotted all of their blood. This means that they didn’t bleed whenever they got cut open. Then they decided to use a method of cauterizing an area infected with extraterrestrial bacteria using a nuclear device called, the 7-12 directive. The directive has not yet worked but they are hopeful that they can resolve this killer. Quote Analysis:…show more content…
I want to know why they are doing this because I think that I will understand the plot better. I understand that they want to try to find new organisms but I don’t know why. I believe that the scientists are collecting organisms because they want to find something new to see if non-earth-like organisms can live outside the atmosphere. The scientists have not had any luck finding anything new which means that from all the data that they have, there is no evidence of unknown organisms. I think the scientists should go and explore themselves instead of using capsules to collect stuff because the capsules may be missing some organisms or

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