Andy Carpenter Character Analysis

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Devices Used In Bury The Lead In Bury The Lead by David Rosenfelt, the author uses a number of different devices that were credited by Edgar Allan Poe. The main character of this novel is Andy Carpenter, who is the lawyer, but can also be considered the detective in the book. In the novel, Mr. Carpenter is the defense attorney for a journalist who was convicted of murder. During the novel, Mr. Carpenter goes through a series of court trials with the ambition of proving that the journalist Daniel Cummings is not guilty. One of the Edgar Allan Poe’s devices is “the unusual detective”. Mr. Carpenter performs tasks that are considered weird compared to an ordinary detective. The day before the case of New Jersey v. Cummings, he watches football games the entire day. Instead of preparing and reviewing the case before the big day, Mr. Carpenter says, “nothing short of an earthquake above 7.0 is going to get me off the couch”. Even though “the phone rings repeatedly during the game”, Mr. Carpenter continues to…show more content…
Cummings case, Mr. Carpenter used another one of Edgar Allan Poe’s devices. He uses “the use of reasoning to solve the crime”. All of Mr. Carpenter’s decisions are based on logic whether it is regarding his cases or his love life with Laurie. As stated by Mr. Carpenter, he says, “I don’t believe in coincidences”. By using logic and reasoning, Mr. Carpenter discovers the reason why Sondra almost got murdered twice. The alexandrite locket Sondra took from Rosalie after she was murdered contained a picture that “looks like Rosalie” and was assumed to be Rosalie’s mother which was more than enough evidence for Mr. Carpenter and his team to search for the missing evidence to solve the mystery. Tracing back from previous evidence, Mr. Carpenter concludes that Eliot Kendall is the person who is responsible for all the murders. By using Edgar Allan Poe’s device, Mr. Carpenter reveals to the audience who the murderer
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