Andy Dufrense Punishment

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Adjustments in life are rather harder than expected, especially for convicted prisoners. Having majority of your rights and freedoms being taken away is an enormous punishment in which none us want. Prior to jail, Andy Dufrense was a successful banker, who was able to do anything he truly wanted. Andy was a very wealthy, and successful man who had the rest of his life panned out for him. But due to a wrong conviction, Andy is now facing a two life year sentences in a maximum facility. The adjustment from society to incarnation is tough from being able to do anything you want, to now listening to the new rules and regulations that one must abide too or precautions can ensue. An individual must be able to hold their own ground, even though they…show more content…
During Andy’s arrival to the penitentiary, he seemed like he was in distress and in disbelief that he was going to spend the rest of his life incarnated. The moment when Andy was being shackled he knew at that moment that he lost all of his rights and freedoms. When he was in society he was deem with freedoms such as expression, liberty, speech, etc. but now they are taken away. An example of a scene would be when Andy and the other new inmates were force to listen to the guards and do what they were told. In this particular scene we see the new inmates being stripped down of their prior clothes and were being hosed down. If you do not condone to the command you will either be beaten by the guards or face another type of punishment. It is illegal for a correctional officer to hit an inmate if there is no reasoning behind it, but at the end of the day who has more control, the guards or the prisoner? If you are new inmate, there are a few situations that you will face when first heading towards prison. Goffman lists the steps as according: A) Obtaining an audience of significant others, B) Attempting to gain acceptance and status in the group, C) There is a need for a perspective on deviance, D) Learning one 's role in the group, E) Deducing how significant others see one in his role, F) Conception of the self becomes congruent with the group 's…show more content…
Shawshank Redemption portrayed a similar layout of what to expect when you are being incarnated for the first time. From all the ridicule and despair one must face is crucial and evident for survival. Being told what to do and adjusting to the prison subculture is crucial for the sake of survival. If you do not abide from rules and regulations from the guards and from the inmate code precautions may occur. Many inmates thrive for vulnerability from new inmates in order to fit personal
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