Andy Goldsworthy Analysis

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Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. Goldsworthy think of art as a form of nourishment. He works with time and he doesn’t like the sensation of traveling. When he travel, he goes straight to work. He works with everything including ice, leaves, trees, rocks and many more. Anything related to nature, Andy turn it into his artwork. He wanders around woods and watersides, finding materials and putting them together, piling them up, weaving them. Goldsworthy does not plan out his artwork before he find the materials. He goes out and observed the nature then he decided what he was going to do. His most popular shape is swirling lines that he did with almost with everything which is really interesting. Goldsworthy creates beautiful arrangements that he photographs before they return to chaos. He distinguishes that you can warm the end of an icicle just enough to…show more content…
In one scene, for example, he grinds iron-rich stones he finds in a stream and tosses the red powder into the water; the camera follows the color as it swirls and resolves in the water along the river through the present. It is beautiful and it almost look like clouds or smokes. For example when you put food coloring in a bowl and that’s what its look like. Because the color is read, I thought it was blood until he talks about how he got the pigment. There is something intuitive in the kinds of things that Goldsworthy does, an instinct that seems to be getting increasingly foreign as we lose contact with the natural world.If I were the one who have to do something like that and spend most of my time in a sculpture then it get destroys in couple minutes, I will not be as happy as it
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