Sexism In Sport Analysis

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The purpose of the essay My essay is about Andy Gray and Richard Keys both of them Sky Sports presenters that got caught up in a sexism scandal, well actually not just one but I will go through these in my main part of the essay. I will start with explaining what sexism and sexism in sport is all about? We consider that inequality represents a majority group taking the position of above or superior and one minority group taking the position of below or inferior. Sexism is the male sexes superiority over the female. There is a notion that we live in a man’s world and we can see this by just looking at the language we use such as master v mistress, warlock v witch and that men are said to be strong and females weak. We mainly use linguistic…show more content…
In Richard Keys ' case, probably driven by the fear of being replaced by a talented, attractive, female (even heterosexual women would probably prefer to look at Gabby Logan than Mr Hairy).As for Andy Gray, it never ceases to astound me that he managed to persuade one woman to marry him, let alone four. gandee 24 Jan 2011 14:49 Please, man 's world? How about diving or rolling around with every contact. a bunch of primadonnas footballers are. How many times you see a player diving for a penalty instead of taking his chances and just going for it. That’s not very manly is it? And all the abuse we distribute in our everyday life is mostly because we are sour loosers. Women and men are exactly the same when it comes to that. The lineswoman did a good job that day and don 't think she really cares what those two idiots have said, sour losers remember. And I can 't understand this thing in England where everybody gets into everybody 's business. Just leave the whole thing alone. if the ref wants to take action against those guys she should. if she needed our help she would ask for it. Does anybody care what she thinks? She’s just had another day at work BigBananaFeet 24 Jan 2011
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