Andy Mulligan's Trash

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In Trash, by Andy Mulligan, Raphael is described as determined. In prison Raphael went to find mr. Angelico, a man that the mysterious letter was written to. When raphael finds him, he says, “ You spent 10,000 pesos to see me!” (109). 10,00 pesos is a lot of money to spend just to see him because he only makes a few pesos per day. Raphael wishes to find the missing money and hopes to someday have a better life. He had to spend 10,000 pesos to get in, therefore confirming that he really want to solve the code. Since Raphael is determined he won't give up until he has solved the riddle. In addition to finding mr. Angelico Raphael is taken by the police and is severely beaten. He goes back to check on his friends. On the way, he thought, “
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