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Essay – “Education is not helpful when you work on a dumpsite”

In the book ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan it is said that “Education is not helpful when you work on a dumpsite”. I disagree with this topic and here are the reasons why.

Firstly, the children on the dumpsite will not be there forever; one day they can leave and get a better job. This will help them support their family and make a better future for themselves. Yes, they could still leave without a valid education, however they will do much better in the world if they are educated. In “Trash” there is a story of a man called Pascal Aguila. The school on the Behala dumpsite is named after him. They honour Pascal because he came from a very poor neighbourhood. However with an education, he became a lawyer who won impossible cases.

Secondly, the children can still work and attend the school. The school runs morning classes specifically for this reason. When the boys visit Father Julliard he asks them to come to the school, however Raphael declines mentioning that he must work the next day. Father Julliard is quoted as saying “I reminded him that he could work and also do a morning class. I reminded him the school was set up for exactly that purpose; to let the children work while providing an education.”

Thirdly, if the children go to the school they will get food. This
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Also the teachers in the school may not be qualified enough to provide them with a good education and therefore they would not be learning much to begin with. Father Julliard says in the book; “Few children do come after the age of ten. Their family’s want them picking trash, and it’s hard to argue that an education’s ever going to be helpful – so we lose
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