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Who is Andy K Nguyen
Growing up I didn’t like how I was called Andy Nugget or newguyen but over the past years I’ve actually admire my name Andy K Nguyen which is pronounced Andy, the letter K in the alphabet and Nguyen or how most people pronounce it (win). Andy of the english origin means brave; manly and it’s commonly given to both boys and girls but mostly boys.(Norman 29). From 1880 to 2014, the Social Security Administration has recorded 86,338 babies born with the name Andy in the United States("What Does The Name Andy Mean?"). In my opinion Andy means the exact opposite because I get really nervous when I speak in front of the class and I’m not manly at all, I get scared of little things like failing a test.
After my aunt had her baby whose name is Brian she said, “I wanted to name him Andy but you already took it”. I just stood there for a moment and thought why did my parents name me Andy and I had to obtain the answer so after we left I asked them why did they name me Andy and they said “ we named you Andy because we have a person who we look up to who is rich, smart and he has the name Andy and we want you to become like him”. I also didn’t know why I had the middle of (K) and not a real middle name like Kyle, Michael, or Ashton. After an
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I’m vietnamese which means I have some vietnamese background, I can speak Vietnamese but I can’t write in Vietnamese, and I can also speak and write a little spanish . Being vietnamese is pretty cool. You experience a whole different lifestyle compared to others and the different types of culture and food. I would love to travel across the world and take a picture of every country i went to and become an inspiration to some people around the world. Everyday I try to be optimistic and hope for the best, I feel like everyone should be deserved a chance and be treated equal no matter how what race you are or how much money you have everyone should be treated the
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