Andy Warhol's Influence On Pop Art

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The existence of Andy Warhol has eternally made an influence on the world of pop art. He was a boy who was born of rags and came out a man of riches by using his imagination. At a young age, art became Warhol’s true escape from reality when he relied on it the most. Once his pieces of work touched publicity, Warhol shortly realized how his art was not only his therapy but other aspiring artists’ as well. Warhol taught numerous people how art exists even in the smallest areas that comprise pop culture.By being the youngest of three, Warhol was originally born as Andrew Warhola on Monday, August 6, 1928 in the immigrant ghetto of Pittsburgh. Warhol’s Czechoslovakian parents, Andrej and Julia Warhola, helped bring him into the world within the…show more content…
Warhol was thirteen years old when he watched his father slowly wither away from peritonitis for three painstaking days (Greenberg & Jordan, 2004). From the time Andrej passed away in the family’s living room, Warhol begged to stay with his aunt and cousin until the funeral was officially over due to his phobia of death. Instead of attending funerals, Warhol believed that they were too abstract and preferred imagining the people who died had simply went on a shopping errand. Warhol’s fear of dying is quite common among many humans that do not accept their impending fate. After enduring a parents death, the arrival to high school became overwhelming to teenage Warhol. He felt as if he were an outsider to everyone no matter how things actually were with those around him. Constant thoughts of Warhols sexuality began to arise when he counted girls among his closest friends, but he never thought that they were attractive like the way other boys Did. Despite Warhol’s behavior in school, no one formulated the idea that he could possibly be gay. Even if Warhol did come out as homosexual during that time, not very many events would have changed drastically just because of his
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