Andy Warhol Impact On Pop Art

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The existence of Andy Warhol has eternally made an influence on the world of pop art. He was a boy who was born of rags and came out a man of riches by using his imagination. At a young age, art became Warhol’s true escape from reality when he relied on it the most. Once his pieces of work touched publicity, Warhol shortly realized how his art was not only his therapy but other aspiring artists’ as well. Warhol taught numerous people how art exists even in the smallest areas that comprise pop culture.By being the youngest of three, Warhol was originally born as Andrew Warhola on Monday, August 6, 1928 in the immigrant ghetto of Pittsburgh. Warhol’s Czechoslovakian parents, Andrej and Julia Warhola, helped bring him into the world within the walls of their minuscule apartment (Greenberg & Jordan, 2004). Subsequently, the loss of his father’s construction job caused the family to struggle with finances (Greenberg & Jordan, 2004). This forced the Warhola’s move into an even smaller residence that consisted of only two bedrooms. However, these unfortunate events never stopped young Warhol from thriving.The limited apartment appeared to bring the Warhola’s closer than ever before. Warhol enjoyed his older brothers, Paul and John, especially since all three of them shared a single bed together (Greenberg & Jordan, 2004). When Warhol’s mother notices the boys becoming too boisterous, she would hold a simple art contest in the kitchen and give the winner a Hershey bar (Greenberg &
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