How Did Andy Warhol Influence Art Work

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INTRODUCTION: For my extended essay I will investigate how Andy Warhol’s Artwork influenced Ai Wei Wei’s Artwork. The essay topic I have chosen is related to the subject within visual arts. The essay will mainly be focused on how Andy Warhol’s Art Work (specify) influenced Ai Wei Wei’s Artwork(specify). For this, I will be talking about the background of the Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei and I will also talk about Andy Warhol’s background. (necessary? If so rephrase)

In this essay I will particularly be talking about their intentions behind their artwork. Then I will start writing about Andy Warhol’s past, and how he started to get involved in Pop art, then I will reference what was going on at the time in America where Andy Warhol was becoming
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Andy Warhol was born in August 6, 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, however on February 22,1987 in New York he died at the age of 58. Warhols’ parents were Czech immigrants that came to America in the early 1920’s.

In the 1950s the Pop art mode began in the U.K and then later it also started in America, the Pop art movement influenced China in the 90’s.
Andy Warhol, is one of the most well know Pop artists in the whole world. Andy Warhol is well-known for his unique way of print making, painting and photography, he is known for his dominant paintings that have so much color in it , however before Andy Warhol became so legendary in the Pop Art world in 1960s, he was very successful in magazine and advertisement illustrating.

He was mostly involved with a variety of different art methods, such as, video installations, writing, photography, and filmmaking and also in performance art. He began working as a commercial artist, which lead him to fame and him becoming the most famous commercial artist during that time. In 1961, he started to show more interest in Pop Culture, he started to focus on paintings more and began to produce a lot of massive commercial paintings with really bright
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Warhol painted Marilyn Monroe in a very unique abstract way; his painting of Marilyn Monroe was in a Square format, the colors Warhol used were very bright and attention seeking. Andy Warhol doesn’t use any Local colors for the “Marilyn Diptchy” painting .

Pop art was used to make images or products stand out more in the crowed, because of their really vivid unique colors. Pop art is mostly used in comics, so readers enjoy reading the comics, however also to have fun at looking at the images while reading the

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