Andy Weir Reflection

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Although this short story could be considered as an easy read, the message that Andy Weir conveyed had an impact on how I viewed life. Initially, when I gazed at the length of the short story, I didn’t expect much. It was hard for me to image how a story that short could have such a strong effect on me. Even though I view myself as an agnostic, meaning that I don’t exactly have an opinion on reincarnation or the afterlife, this story inexplicably astonished me. In fact, it blew my mind!

One aspect of this story that made it so exceptional for me was the style of writing. The majority of his sentences were short and to the point. Instead of being choppy and frustrating, the sentences somehow captured my attention. Weir’s brief sentences created strong pictures without using much expressive language; in fact, his story frequently composed of dialogue such as "Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, trust me,” which painted a clear picture in twelve words. Evidently, his sentences managed to tell a story
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At the beginning, when God mentioned how “You’ll be reincarnated,” I thought I understood the gist of the story; however, I was completely mistaken. Weir didn’t let me stop to breathe. Rather, he moved at a surprisingly swift pace explaining the afterlife not through religion, but through a philosophically bizarre theory: time.

Through history many people tried to explain life, through religion. This is what made Weir’s story unique: he never once mentioned anything about religion. He never claimed that one thing was right or wrong but raised the idea of reincarnation, putting his own twist to it. In “The Egg,” the afterlife was not truly the afterlife. Everyone was really the same person, with different lives and experiences, meaning that the afterlife was just another life over and over. This was a conundrum for me since I only considered heaven and
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