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Everyone wants to be successful in their careers. Many want careers that make money and that has a personal meaning. By being an anesthesiologist, one can get paid well and save lives, but first one has to be successful. Getting a good education, finding a place to work and gaining experience in one’s career leads one to be successful at their job. Anesthesiologists are physicians that administrate anesthesia to their patients during procedures (Organization). From one to one-hundred an anesthesiologist job is 88% meaningful (Smith). Their jobs are important because they are responsible for their patients breathing, heart rate and blood pressure during surgical procedures (Responsibilities). The median salary for anesthesiologists are $187,199 annually (Organization). They are in the top ten for the best paying job in the U.S (Organization). To have a successful career one needs to have a good education. When becoming an anesthesiologist one has to get a college degree, pass the MCAT (Medical…show more content…
If one passes the USMLE they will be officially licensed to practice medicine. Once one has their license they can now go and complete the Anesthesiology Residency Program. The Anesthesiology Residency Program is a three year residency program training physicians to become anesthesiologists (Macario). After one is done with their one year internship one can now start with their three years of anesthesiology training. The first year one learns the basics of anesthesia and their procedures (Anesthesiology). On the second year one is more concentrated on sub-specialty anesthesia (Macario). On the last year one gets offered electives that fit your desired career paths (Anesthesiology). When one is done with their Anesthesiology Residency Program one can now continue to get their state licensing After one has gotten their state licensing one can now look for a place to

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