Anesthetist Career Essay

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Anesthetist assistants are very important in the medical field, without nurse anesthetist some medical procedure could not be made to save a life. Anesthetist assistant have it hard just like any other medical career. The career path towards becoming an anesthetist is a four-year journey, entailing a long period of training and patience. At present, I am on track for graduation, I do still have some credits missing, but by the end on graduation, I would have achieved them all. Therefore, my next step is to apply to Valencia College and take the courses required to achieve my goal of becoming an anesthetist assistant. An anesthetist, also known as CRNA, which is short for “certified registered nurse anesthetist”, is an advanced practice registered nurse with specialized graduate level education, training, and certification in anesthesiology. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health,…show more content…
I must study hard and be patience because the journey will be long with many obstacles ready to push me down. As previously said to be an anesthetist nurse it requires a bachelor of science in nursing degree. I must work on my self-esteem, paranoia and on my patience, not just for me, but because if I want to work as a CRNA I must be confident and patient and focus on the task. I must be comfortable in any environment I end up working in. In the United States, there are over 80 university-affiliated educational programs for nurse anesthetists, but since I live in Florida, I did some research and found five great colleges offering Nurse Anesthetists degrees; meaning I have a variety of options choose from such as The Adventist University of Health Sciences, Barry University Florida’s Nurse Anesthetist School, Florida Gulf Coast University Nurse Anesthetist School, Florida International University Miami Nurse Anesthetist School, and the Wolford College Florida Nurse Anesthetist

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