Anesthetist Career Goals

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A suitable career for my goals would be one that is rewarding. I would want my career to help people and be beneficial to the world. I would also like a career that is hands on and exciting. A CRNA career interests me because every day is different and this job is helping save lives and get patients through surgery comfortably and safely. A Nurse anesthetist, or a CRNA, is a registered nurse who specializes in anesthesia care. They work alongside Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, and other medical professionals to administer anesthesia to patients during medical or surgical procedures. Nurse anesthetists stay with their patients through the entire process of surgery to ensure the safe delivery of anesthesia. They constantly monitor and modify…show more content…
They care for patients before, during, and after surgery. Before surgery a CRNA reviews a patient’s medical history and evaluates them to determine the best method for anesthesia care. During surgery, they measure and monitor the speed that anesthesia is delivered. They constantly need to monitor a patient’s vital signs and ensure the surgeon if the patient becomes unstable. They need to look for signs such as skin color, breathing pattern, blood pressure, and heart rate. A CRNA needs to be able to respond quickly to these changes by adjusting medication dosages or adding new medication. After surgery, they help the patient recover from the anesthesia. To become a CRNA first you must become a registered nurse by earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and passing the NCLEX exam. Anesthesia schools require at least one year of nursing experience before applying. In graduate school, you must earn a Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia which generally takes two to three…show more content…
Students should take AP classes and challenge themselves while still receiving good grades. A nurse anesthetist should have the clinical skills from nursing. For this reason CRNA’s need to get at least a year of experience before applying to anesthesia school. A CRNA also must have good communication skills to be able to communicate and listen to patients and coworkers. Attention to detail is also a needed skill as this job requires careful attention to be sure medication is given in the correct dosage and subtle changes in a patient’s vital signs are not looked over. Good judgement is needed as well to be able to make vital decisions in stressful

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