Angel Fish Research Paper

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Im going to tell you about angel fish and sea goblen.First paragraph is going to be about angle fish.The second paragraph is going to be sea goblen.Then im going to do my concusion.Then i should be done with my story.

Angel fish can be diffrent colers.A queen fish is called a marine angelfish. She is the most beautiful angel fish.There are other kinds of angel fish too.Lets go have a look at them to.Theres regal angalfish,young french angel fish,and long finned angelfish.

Sea goblins are DANGEROUS.Some goblins look like like there were wering redlipstick. A goblin shark can grow up to 12 feet long.They are more than 100 years old.The upper jaw has26 of thin teeth, while the lower jaw has 24 teeth.The goblin shark sets a unique trap for its pray.The creature can push its jaw outwards and its throat to create a strong sucking action.This pullsthe pray into the sharks jaw so it can then grab it with its razor sharp teeth.
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that is real evidance from the text about angel fish and goblin fish.To me goblin fish or shark sounds DANGOURS to me and i dont know about you but is is to me.I hope i gave you information about angel fish and goblin sharks or

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