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Have you ever read The Angel of Death? If not, save yourself some time and find a new book to read. The Angel of Death, written by Alane Ferguson, is a forensic mystery where the main character’s-Cameryn’s-former teacher was suspiciously killed in his home. Cameryn must find and solve the clues that trace back to the murderer of Brad Oakes. The Angel of Death has its ups and many downs, but there were still some good things, bad things, there some relatable parts, and I will give recommendations on if others should read this book.
There were some positive things throughout the story. One example, is the author did a decent job of creating suspense. This means the author kept building on the main conflict that kept the reader interested in the story. For instance, in the story, Kyle locked Cameryn in his chicken coop and threatened to hurt her. However, his tactics kept in question
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One connection that I made during the story was that you have to be careful who you trust. In the story, Cameryn trusted Kyle, who ended up stabbing her in the back when it was all said and done. In life, if you are naive, then people could take advantage of you. They could steal items that belong to you and even take away your money. Another connection that I made was to never lose sight of your true friendships. In the book, Kyle caused Cameryn to push Lyric away, but in the end Lyric saved Cameryn from Kyle’s evil grasp. In the real world, your true friends can help you get through perilous times, but life can be made difficult without them. A final connection that I made was the murder case in the story is similar to the world we live in today. The story presented a case where it was extremely challenging to find the killer. In our world, cases like this appear all over the world, and cause trouble in the environment they happen in. To conclude, this story is a very realistic piece that readers can relate
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