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Harlan was a center on the Lakers 12-and under basketball team. After 1 game, when Harlan missed 2 free throws that almost cost his team the game against the Bulls, their rivals, he felt that he was a bad center. His next game he let the other center beat up all over him in the paint and they again almost lost because of Harlan, but won again because of Miles and Jackie, the 2 guards. After those games Harlan wanted to quit, but Miles and Jackie didn 't let him. Miles and Jackie went to the park with Harlan to help him improve his game. The very next game after the tips Miles gave to Harlan, Harlan played bad in the first half of the next game. Then, he remembered what Miles had told him. When Harlan used his tips, he started playing better…show more content…
One of them was when Harlan was angry at himself for missing two free throws that almost made his team lose. Harlan wanted to cry and he was really beating himself up for it.Another example is when Harlan thought that he could never became a good center in basketball. He was really struggling with his game and in his mind he wanted to quit. In,”Angel Park Hoop Stars 3”, the point of view was written in 3rd Person Limited because you the reader could only know the thoughts and feelings of Harlan. I know it was third person because it used words like, he and they. If this story was written in a different point of view, like in 1st person, I think the story would be different depending on who’s perspective the story would be written in. I personally think the story would be more interesting if it were told from Miles or Jackie’s point of view. I think it would be interesting to know how they thought Harlan played those first two games and the last one. This book in my opinion is really interesting if you like basketball. Specifically if you are struggling in basketball, I think this story will help you gain confidence about your game and this book would influence you to go practice. You know what they say, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect, just ask

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