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Angela Ahrendts: The Overlooked Success Angela Ahrendts, born in a small town in New Palestine, Indiana to a humble environment in the Midwest – now one of the most successful woman in the world. Grew up one of six children, and was the middle child, she “…learned to be the spectator…[she] learned to listen observe and watch”. Ever since Angela was a little, she “…[loved] beautiful pleasing things to the eye…whether it was making…doll clothes…[to] decorative pillows.” She had created a life for herself from which she could escape and dream of endless creative pursuits. She loved to create collages from fashion magazines which eventually inspired her to attend Ball State University pursuing a fashion degree. During her college experience,…show more content…
After two weeks of thought, Bravo called and said, “Do you not understand how few woman CEOs there are in the world today?!”, insisting that she carry the torch of successful woman business executives in an area where women are truly underrepresented. Angela replied, “I am just a girl from Indiana”. Angela eventually accepted the position. “You sometimes forget when you are older to keep dreaming” – Angela Ahrendts Before joining Burberry officially, Angela went to London to see a few Burberry stores. “I went to a couple of Burberry stores, but I thought wow… I didn’t want anything.” Burberry wasn’t doing so well during the time, but “[Angela] saw nothing but opportunity”. With over 30 years of experience in this fast pace industry, she still continued to make large strides in fashion, pushing Burberry to new heights. Angela said, “I knew that if we were going to double or triple the business, the company had to have a core… I always wanted to create a really great thoughtful caring compassionate company”. She quickly became a major success bringing Burberry out from the dust and into the light of their new golden…show more content…
As a leader, Angela never forgets the power and possibilities that effective leadership can do to a company, and without “amazing people” working in adherence to your executive vision, “[You] are

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