Angela Bassett Research Paper

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Hamidah Waldron
Dr. Tennyson
HUM 209
25 March 2015
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett is a Yale trained, Academy nominee, and a Golden Globe winning actress. She’s best known for her dramatic roles. Angela Bassett breakthrough role was playing Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It. Bassett worked hard to fight through stereotypical roles African American women were usually given and she excelled tremendously.
Angela Evelyn Bassett was born August 16, 1958 in New York, NY (“Angela” Biography 1). Her mother, Betty Jane Gilbert was a social worker and her father, a preacher’s son, Daniel Benjamin Bassett. Bassett and her sister D’nette moved to St. Petersburg, Florida with their mother (“Angela” IMDB 1). Angela Bassett watched the story Of
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It shows how she breaks free from the abuse and starts a new life and solo career. The Ike and Tina Turner rape scene begins with a medium and interior shot of Ike smacking Tina in front of an aquarium. Then the camera goes into a close-up shot of Tina Turner being choked. The camera goes into a medium shot of Ike Turner throwing Mrs. Turner up on a bookshelf and begins to rape her while still choking her. The pace of this scene is fast and very dramatic. The camera then goes into a close-up shot of Tina Turner screaming and crying through glass of the aquarium. The fight back scene begins with a low angle shot of Tina Turner walking up the stairs of the airplane. She’s upset with Ike Turner. The camera then cuts away to an exterior shot of Ike and Tina Turner getting into a limo. They’re arguing and struggling to get into the car. The camera goes into a close-up shot of Ike arguing with Mrs. Turner. Then there’s a close-up of Tina Turner responding. She’s talking back and getting sassy with Ike Turner. Ike Turner doesn’t like it and he’s getting angry. The camera goes into a medium-shot of Ike smacking Tina Turner in the face. Angela Bassett delivers an intense and dramatic performance as she fights back. She’s scratching and punching Ike Turner. The camera goes into a medium-shot of Tina Turner kicking Ike Turner between the legs. Then the camera goes into a close-up shot of Tina Turner asking Mr. Turner, “Is that all you got?” The camera goes into an interior shot of Tina and Ike Turner getting a hotel room. They’re both bloody and beaten. Then the camera goes into a medium-long shot of Ike Turner sitting on the sofa in the hotel room. He tells her about going to sound check. The camera goes into a long shot of Tina and Ike Turner. Tina Turner is telling Mr. Turner she knows about the sound check and ask if there’s anything else for

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