Analysis Of Angela Carter's Short Story 'The Company Of Wolves'

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Men are dogs. At least, that is what Angela Carter compares them to in her short story “The Company of Wolves.” In the story she sets up a village terrorized by vicious animals. The children carry knives when they leave the house, the farmers lock up their animals at night, and people lose loved ones. However, the villagers slowly begin to realize that the wolves they believed to be the culprits behind the bloodshed, are actually werewolves; men who turn into beasts. One young woman, completely innocent in life, meets a handsome boy in the woods on the way to her grandmother’s house. He is, of course, a wolf. The charming boy goes to her grandmother’s house and eats granny only to lie in wait for the young girl. She arrives, but instead of cowering in fear, the young girl throws her clothes into the fire and rips off the wolf’s, embracing him for a kiss and for the night. The two stay in bed until morning, together and calm. Through the uses of a rebellious and triumphant tone, symbolism, and repetition, Carter demonstrates that men are like beasts, but women can prevail by understanding the power in…show more content…
She argues that men are innately vicious, but women can overcome through sexual freedom by becoming comfortable with one’s body and the power it holds. In making her points she establishes a rebellious and triumphant tone. Symbolism and repetition of the phrase “carnivore incarnate” (Carter 110) are also used to solidify her argument. The assertion made in “The Company of Wolves” is very important for young women in the world. Instead of shying away from one’s body and the power it posses, women should embrace it and acquire sexual freedom. They must rebel against society’s norms to conquer the viciousness of men and be proud of who they are completely. In the end of the story, the girl tames the wolf; maybe someday, with Angela Carter’s guidance, women can tame

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