Angela Davis Freedom Analysis

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In the famous Angela Davis book, Freedom is a constant struggle, chapter seven she describes her powerful motivates and aspirations towards freedom in America. She speaks on Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and the countless deaths of other African Americans and how she appreciates the Ferguson activist. Davis’ purpose in this novel is to express her feelings towards racial America, the different positive movements that have formed during the tragic times in America today. She creates connections between the violence in America and the injustice treatment throughout history and as well as around the world. Davis opens the chapter by speaking on the vicious, racism violence that has tainted America for many years. She explains how African Americans and Native Americans have both experience racial violence in America since the beginning, stating “Our work today is evidence of the unfinished status of planetary struggles for equality, justice and freedom”. She has spoken about her deep emotion on the topic of racial violence and discrimination in America, wanting listeners to understand what is really going on in order to unify the country. The emotion Davis has while speaking…show more content…
She states that “those who counter the slogan “Black Lives Matter” with what they assume is a more all-embracing slogan, “All Lives Matter”, are often embracing a strategy that glosses over the particular reasons why it is important to insist quite specifically on an end to racist violence”. What she is trying to say, in the previous sentence, is that in order for people to know about the racial actions in America we must make it known because there are people who still try to hide the fact that African American lives are being taken away. Davis uses the tone of empowerment to focus on African American lives, how meaningful it is to her and how there should be
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