Angela Davis Incarceration Analysis

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The first thing that stood out to me from Dr. Angela Davis’s speech was that some African Americans feel that they are not even considered human. I did not realize that people felt that way and I do not think I will ever forget that statement. One thing I learned from many sociology classes is that I have white privilege which means I will never question my self-worth based on the color of my skin. I know that economic and racial democracy does not exist, but I was not aware that Caucasian individuals earn thirteen dollars for every one dollar an African American earns. I was surprised by the large pay gap and I hope it continues to narrow over the years. Dr. Davis also pointed out that as labor unions decrease, incarceration increases. I did not know this, but it makes sense that more crimes are committed when people feel they have no other choice.…show more content…
Angela Davis mentioned it I had not thought about life without the possibly of parole as a second death sentence. However, she is right because either way the person dies in prison. Also, she talked about how African American males are incarcerated more than any other group of people, but the incarceration rate for women is increasing. Dr. Davis wants an end to incarceration as we know it, which I completely agree with; however, not having a prison system is not the answer in my opinion. In conclusion, it was great to hear Dr. Angela Davis cover a topic she is passionate about. She ended her speech by saying that education should be a human right and therefore should be free. Dr. Davis received a round of applause for this statement and I agree with her. I am lucky enough to attend college, but I have created a large debt for myself and that is not

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