Angela Davis Thesis

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Angela Davis the miserable state of being in jail for a long period of time was a nightmare because being in jail is not a good situation to be in. For a human being, it is seriously crewel to the human body, it damages one spiritually and in a realm of state of depression.
Angela Yvonne Davis around the Civil War rights was the Era. She was born on January 26, 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. She grew up in the southern United States under the Jim Crow Segregation and confided racial discrimination. During the late 1940’s her family moved into a neighborhood that subsequently became known as “Dynamite Hill”, because of Kuhn Klux Klan terrorism against African American Families being interrogated into the previously all white community.
As a child, Davis was considered a part of an Elite among impoverished peers, at the age of fifteen Davis became active in Youth Organizations associated with the Communist Party. Growing up for Davis she had it pretty hard staying in racism communities where Kuhn Klux Klan terrorism against black people was a mental realm of slavery for Davis. Reflection of the black women role in the
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Because during a person’s life time, when one was a child of a black person, they were unable to filter out the good from the bad, because the brain was in a hypnotic or semi-hypnotic state, that did not allow a black person to look in the true importance of oneself. A black person would take on all the limited thoughts and beliefs that was nothing but thoughts that were true because the hypnotic and semi-hypnotic state they were in, they were unable to determine what was true or false. Being that a black person was in this type of state the thoughts and beliefs were limited, because that’s what was programmed in African American’s for thousands of
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