Angela Duckworth's Analysis

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Duckworth believes that a strong grit results in success. Angela Duckworth defines grit as, “Grit is a quality that enables individuals work very hard and insist in long-term goals and passion.” It is the perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Perseverance towards goals despite being confronted by significant obstacles and distractions is grit, according to Duckworth. She also believes, “those who believe that diligence and perseverance pay off beat out their less optimistic, and often more talented, counterparts nearly every time.” Grit can be seen in Murray’s life. She was determined with towards her goals. Her parents were drug addicts, she broke up with her boyfriend and she couldn’t afford college but she didn’t give up and continue…show more content…
She was raised in a drug addict family. She had no money for education and she left her parents at one point in her life. Gladwell’s special theory of special opportunity can be applied in Murray’s life. This was when she got accepted at Harvard, and then later when she needed money for her further studies, she got a scholarship from The New York Times. Liz said "I felt like I had wings. I felt like I could do anything, she says." Gladwell’s Ten Thousand Hour Rule can also be observed Murray’s life. This was where she worked hard her whole life to get successful. The journey from being homeless to Harvard graduate proves that practice and determination changed her life and she learned good lessons from her experience. Leaving her boyfriend was one of them. Gladwell’s practical intelligence can be seen in Murray’s life too. It helped her to read the situation carefully and take the correct decision at the right time. Further, Angela Duckworth’s theory of grit can also be applied to Murray’s life, she staying with her dreams and achieved her target in life. It can be concluded that practical intelligence, Murray had Ten Thousand Hour Rule, special opportunities and Duckworth’s grit theory executed in her life, which changed her life. These theories play a major role in her journey from a homeless to Harvard graduate. Opportunity always knocks the door when one is prepared. Sometimes life seems to be a raw deal.
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