Angela Vivar Reflection

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“Fear makes people do all kinds of things” was one of the many remarks made by Mrs. Vivar that has greatly influenced my ideas. Angela Vivar’s background and past are quite unexpected, because she is a product of illegal immigration. Her mother came across the border illegally in 1982, and it was a good thing she did or we wouldn’t have had Angela here today to speak to our leadership style where controversial matters are concerned. Angela’s talk made me evaluate the foundation that I build my stances on, my reaction as a leader when faced with controversial issues, and how I can be a better leader where minorities are concerned. Mrs. Vivar said “The foundation I build my stances on is faith”. This is what I try to build my foundation on as well, and I see how sometimes I get more concerned with my well-being than concerning myself with others. This is the opposite of what my faith calls me to do, and the opposite of what the type of leader I want to be should do. A true leader should help others, and work for the good of all. I realized after listening to Mrs. Vivar that my foundation is built on faith, and with that I need to be compassionate. I need to be compassionate not only to the people being hurt in…show more content…
I also honestly was a little disappointed by some people’s reactions, but then I looked to Mrs. Vivar’s reaction. The way she took what they said into consideration addressed it the best she could, and then moved on with out attacking back is something that as a leader I struggle with. My leadership style dealing with conflict is very strongly competitive. This can be helpful in some situations, but when we are dealing with a situation that is heavily opinion-orientated it is nearly impossible to “win”. As a true leader I need to understand both extreme sides of a matter like illegal immigration, and work to bring them towards middle
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