Angela's Ashes Summary

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Religion plays a big role in one’s life, especially being raised in Ireland the heart of Catholicism. Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes, grew up in the small town of Limerick which is known as a Catholic town. He was raised as a Catholic but his home was quite dysfunctional. Religion played a powerful role in his life, and he was surrounded with Catholicism. Attending a Catholic school, and growing up in a Catholic home, didn’t make McCourt the strong Catholic he should be. Throughout his life he didn’t really have any role models to look up to, nor did he understand the religion. Although at times he was confused and felt daunted by the traditional Catholic church. During his later life, he did find relief and felt better about what…show more content…
Growing older and becoming more aware of the Catholicism and how it is affecting him. At times though, he becomes quite annoyed at times with the Catholic church. McCourt doesn’t understand why they have to be so strict about everything and why is he to follow all the rules, “What are we to give up when we have Lent all year long?” (318). McCourt had a hard time accepting the Catholic church and especially the fact the they have to give up something for lent when he thinks that all he does it give up everything about his life. He doesn’t get why is it that they have to give up everything they could have to just have a miserable life. Why does Jesus seem to get it all? It was really hard for him to accept the Catholic religion. Behind it all, McCourt wasn’t a fan of his religion overall, because of the roles that played in church and school, also when no one not even some priests were willing to understand and listen to him except one. It took him until his late teens to want to confess to anything he did. It was the first time he felt like someone actually cared about him and made him feel good about what he was doing with his life. If was the first time he had an actual connection with the Catholic
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