Angelina Jolie Research Paper

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Angelina Jolie Research
* and she is known for her humanitarian acts and activism
* Angelina Jolie adopted her first child from Cambodia named Maddox
* Angelina Jolie became the Ambassador of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
* Angelina Jolie has visited more than 20 countries with world issues to aid refugees running away from war or struggling to make a living with poverty
* Angelina Jolie has been trying to bring awareness about day to day real world issues such as girls and children lack education
* Angelina Jolie funded a school for girls in Afghanistan to educate themselves
* Angelina Jolie and her husband have donated to charities such as The National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children to help children in need and started Jolie Pitt foundation to where they donated 2 million dollars for medicine in world
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* Angelina Jolie every year attends World Refugee Day in Washington, DC to raise awareness to refugee world issues
* Angelina Jolie has made donations to Red Cross Flood in order to relieve floods in places such as Bosnia and Serbia

* Angelina Jolie produced the film the Breadwinner
* The Breadwinner is a story about a girl who must dress as a boy to provide for her family in Afghanistan because her father is sent to Jail and the story reveals and raises awareness about issues in countries such in Afghanistan with women and their rights
* Angelina Jolie is interested in taking part in films that have to do with war to raise awareness of real world issues and what people in this country must go through especially women
* Angelina Jolie directed her new movie called first they killed my father and she made it to raise awareness about the people in developing countries
* Angelina Jolie movie tells the story of a girl named loung ung who is five years old and must go through Cambodia's war Issues where she is separated from her family and must deal with the terrors of the circumstance, but tells it through the eyes of a

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