Angelina Jolie's Celebrity Persona

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This paper will be a discussion on the famed Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s celebrity persona – her status as an academy award nominee and winner as well as a UNHCR ambassador and the face of global motherhood. This article will focus primarily on Jolie’s presentation of her agency and embodiment and the significant transformation that her celebrity underwent from the 1990s to 2014. From her provocative “disturbed bad girl” image to her action star status, philanthropist efforts, global motherhood (her six children, three adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam and biological children born in Namibia and France) and a partner in the stable Jolie-Pitt relationship (Brangelina). It would also briefly touch on Angelina’s performance style has it has an impact on her persona. An important part of understanding Angelina Jolie is the way in which her persona is portrayed in her on-screen characters and the choice of movie she chooses to star in. Her social acceptance and status at this point in time is at its peak, this research will be conducted to understand further her social and political acceptance and representation. 2. Key questions Angelina Jolie’s social and ideological significance: The blurred lines of her public persona, film performances and private personality from the 1990s to 2014. Sub Questions - Does her personal life have an impact on her screen personas – the choice of movies she chooses to star in and the type of characters she plays. Are her

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