Angelle Character Analysis

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A person’s personality, lifestyle, and maturity can be defined by a simple decision they make. Whether it is sneaking a scoop of ice cream for dinner, or blaming a classmate for the stolen final exam answers. These decisions people make everyday can be affected by those three factors. T. Coraghessan Boyle proves so, in “Balto”, that some people are incapable of making certain decision. Angelle’s struggle in making a life changing decision helps the reader understand how a child’s maturity and lifestyle can affect such decisions. As the daughter of the accused, Angelle is being prompted everything she must say. She did not appreciate being talked down on like a child and being brainwashed. All she wanted to do was help her poor father. Her poor father. The one not only she is defending in the courtroom but in the outside world as well. The irony is that Angelle was angry at the fact that the adults looked down on her and were trying to brainwash…show more content…
She believes one thing and is said to testify another, because it is what is best for her family. In the end, Angelle can no longer take it and explodes with the truth, she was driving. The crowd was shocked and roared to life. ”..and the banks of the windows so brilliant with light you would have thought a bomb had gone off there.” She was relieved with bursting out the truth, even if it was a dark truth. She had nothing to hide. The storm and the exploding bomb was over, and now she had a clean conscience. When people can hold something in, a lie, a secret, or truth, it is almost hard to hold it in. It is our human nature to do so, speak out. Whether it is to help or harm others or yourself, with good or bad intentions, sometimes it is honorable to speak out. In Angelle’s case, she exploded with the truth, but she did not leave any damage or black smoke like a bomb, but a graceful light of relief and
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