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A Rare Disorder called Angelman Syndrome This research paper will discuss a specific disability called Angelman Syndrome. (AS) This Syndrome is a disorder, and can be diagnosed at an early age. AS don’t have a cure, but there are ways to treat this disorder. While reading this paper, you will become aware of the causes, characteristics, diagnoses, assessments and academics of Angelman Syndrome. By the end of the paper you will be able to understand how this disorder affects children and educators can assist a child with AS. Angelman syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder that affects a person’s brain and nerves. This syndrome is also called Happy Puppet syndrome, because they have puppet like posture. (Rice, 15) In addition to their posture they are very happy and always excited and at times can display a little jerk or two. There is a mild and severe condition of Angelman Syndrome. This disorder can cause severe mental retardation, lack of muscle strength, seizures, learning disabilities, and some none stop smiling. Imagine a child who just stares and smile even when they are sad. This syndrome is caused by a deletion of chromosomes 15, however AS can be inherited through genes. (Charles Williams, 2015) Due to its rareness research is still being gathered. Angelman syndrome is a rare condition and…show more content…
AS has many characteristics and symptoms that will be discussed. Angelman Syndrome is described as a child who has an intellectual disability, speech issues and a distinct behavior. Other characteristics of a child who has AS could have puffy eyes, light hair, small chin wide mouth and wide space teeth. A characteristic that is seen often in a child with AS is small and spaced out teeth. Due to their frequent excitement and laughter a person will be able to notice their teeth. Children also will show signs of A child who suffers with this syndrome will suffer with many developmental

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