Angelo Kotsis Research Paper

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Angelo Kotsis When Angelo Kotsis was growing up he never knew that the career he has today existed. When becoming a designer he said it just came naturally to him as Angelo at school loved to be creative. After year 12 he went on and studied Industrial Design at a university in Sydney. His first job was a graphic design for a company which he enjoyed as he loved to see people enjoying the products he designed. Today he enjoys his career which he always wanted. In his career he uses a design process to help design his product. The first step that he uses is identify. Identify is used to point out problems and challenges involved in creating the product Angelo might come across. To do this he creates a design brief and find the limitations of…show more content…
The Disney bedside light is, a little bedside light used for creating a nice night light for children. They are in the shape of a computer mouse, on top there is a plastic dome with 3 possible different designs. The first is a purple theme. It has a little half dome in the centre were the light is installed. Then one top there is a symbol. On the actual big dome there is permanent white starts contrasting with the purple background. The next design is a pink theme, in the centre features a pink castle with black feature lines to show the castles features. Then on top are the three most famous Disney princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel. The third and last design is is a hello and orange theme, on the lower front of the product there is a badge with a picture of a King. In the centre is a mushroom chapped object with a cat on top. Around the outside is royal…show more content…
Angelo Kotsis has impacted the way we live greatly, with the ShowerShave changing the way men shave in the shower being quicker and giving a better shave; resulting in a better experience. Without the ShowerShave men would be looking like they hated with a piece of glass. The Dolphin torch has improved the standards of torches. The dolphin torch has also lead on to many others like the Dolphin torch products for the different areas torches maybe used. But there are some disadvantages to Angelo 's designs as they have caused the big companies to make more money becoming more powerful. But also making adults with kids to pay for the overpriced kids toys. But the positive affects out way the negatives, making Angelo Kotsis a successful
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