Anger And Charity In Richard Wright's Native Son

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NEELAM PAL M.A. ENGLISH USHA MUDUGANTI THE LOST GENERATION 23 NOVEMBER 2016 Analyzing the themes of ‘Anger and charity’ in the novel Native Son by Richard Wright. Richard Wright’s novel ‘Native Son’ appeared in the year 1940. The work expresses the thoughts on the individuality and actions of the character. It also defines the actions followed by the acts of fear, anger, sadness and detachment from the society. The novel revolves around the main protagonist Bigger Thomas who faces racism in the American society. He is the eldest brother in the family consisting of mother, younger brother Buddy Thomas and little sister Vera Thomas. Bigger Thomas is a tragic creation in the society of the oppressor where the oppressed were forced to live in the world of suffering and ignorance. The novel is based in the times when the white society creates havoc in the lives of the blacks living at the margins of the society by not just making them feel colored but by also looking them as rats living in poverty. In the novel, it shows how the Dalton family wants to help people like Bigger but he blames the white society for being poor and neglected as he wanted to be an aviator but he was not permitted in the school of the whites to educate himself. This was the reason he hates them and wants to harm them in any way possible. He thought of robbing the shop of Mr. Blum but failed as he very well knew the consequences of doing so. The book also shows how the life of Bigger is lost and he
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