Anger And Violence, Violence And Poverty In South Africa

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Introduction People of the rainbow nation are known to be the friendliest, but the country resembles a person who has been suffering from a long sick and after sometime recovered from the sick. But suddenly the person relapses from the sick she had. What I am trying to emphasise is what Jansen has emphasise about the sickness. They believe that their heart and lives of South Africans has been eroded during apartheid era such that violence and anger is what comes back and forth. There is no evident termination of anger and violence. for example. Our country had experienced xenophobia on 2007 and then it came back again in the past four months. Poverty also plays a role on the violence and anger of our people has. Foreign shops are being looted because of poverty. The life of foreigners is being threatened by the people of rainbow nations. Where does this anger evolved? Why would they turn their back on their sisters and brothers? They forget that they evacuated to foreign countries during the struggle. The representative or people who are elected to be the councils are blamed for not providing proper service deliveries. They bring back the memories when the service delivery in departments serving blacks was underdeveloped and developed in departments serving whites and coloured. The anger is embedded in the people of South Africa. What needs to be done? Government should something about this. Jansen is true when he says we are sick. He observed exactly what a rainbow nation
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