Anger As An Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Orwell 's choice of the fable form for his novel made a huge deal of limitations over his characters because of the personality of each animal which supposed to reflect a certain role or character on the allegorical form. Being an allegory is a way to reflect and criticize society in a story; People have complicated emotions, and these emotions would give rise to some thoughts and actions that they maybe are aware of or they just neglect them but still have the same influence upon their behavior. So, According to the psychology of emotions feelings and thoughts by mark pettinelli "Any emotion or feeling can be broken down into the sensations and real events that caused it. And you can think about any of those things".

Actually this is very applicable to George Orwell 's Animal Farm because Anger is the main driving force behind the scene. It is the main cause that pushed those animals to rebel and make a revolution against the drunken owner of Manor Farm Mr. Jones. From the very beginning Orwell established his point of view and make it present no
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The definition of being Angry according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is "1) Filled with anger: having a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed. 2) Sowing anger. 3) Seeming to show anger: threatening or menacing." Animals in Animal farm show all these qualities as they are upset and annoyed of the treatment of Mr. Jones and this anger make them do rebel against him. However, the rebellion scene is very ironical the same as a lot of other things in the story because the animals do not intend to start a rebellion; they are just hungry because of the neglect of Jones and his men. This is typically an action moved by anger because they act unconsciously, something inside urges them to rebel. Orwell presents the rebellion in just two paragraphs, partly to emphasize the accidental way in which the new society make its start and to emphasize the impulsive actions of being that much angry and
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