Anger In Edward Albee's The American Dream

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Thesis Statement The research studies Anger in Edward Albee’s The American Dream focusing on dissatisfaction, lack of love, cruelty, false values and losing norms through using repetition, aggressive language, fictional characters, irony, ambiguity, and the technique of alienation. Outline I. Theoretical Part: Anger in Literature 1. Definitions: a. Linda M. Grasso claims that Anger is “vital political tool. It enables new perspectives, new understanding of oppressive conditions that had previously remind unquestioned” b. Aristotle has explained that Anger is produced because of pain. When one is hurt, he aims to get revenge. Anger, as Aristotle thought is a reaction, if one gets harmed, he will harm too, without…show more content…
When one is misled by others and be harmed, this will make this person angry. His anger could urge him to revenge and hurt who hurts him before (60). Harriet Goldhor-Lerner concludes that in her book: A Dance of Anger when she defined anger as: A signal… . It may be a message that we are being hurt, that our rights are being violated; that our needs or wants are being adequately met or simply that something is not right (1). On the other hand, Leonard Bekowitz claims that anger is that feeling that man faces when his desired goal is blocked. When he fails to get his wants, he becomes dissatisfied. So Bekowitz believes that feeling of dissatisfaction produces anger (35). So, it can be described as a product of a social interaction. It is clear that anger must be mastered by reasons. Literature always is a mirror of the society, especially drama as it is close to people and its aim is to reflect the society. To be accurate, drama of anger has not begun in certain time or place. Any kind of violence, cruelty, frustration or injustice can lead to produce anger. This paper will give more attention to anger in the twentieth century, especially in the period that follows the Second World War which is called “The Absurd”. It is actually has begun in
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