Anger In Edward Albee's The Zoo Story

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Thesis statement The research studies Anger in Edward Albee 's The zoo story focusing on lack of communication, society and class, intimacy, and anger through the techniques of repetition, irony, foreshadowing, satire, and symbolism. Outline I. Theoretical part: Anger 1-Definition: a- According to Linda M. Grasso, anger is a feeling that leads to freedom. It gives on the push to face anything, and to create his own fate. b- Christopher Innes believes that anger is a reaction towards what the mind receives of injury or unfairness towards something. c- Aristotle declares that anger is a motive accompanied by pain. It leads to seeking revenge from others without any reason. d- Michael Y. Bennet sees that anger, from an evolutionary view, is an innate response to existence.…show more content…
He is famous for his play The Zoo Story. He belonged to the Absurdist. II. The Zoo Story by Edward Albee 1- Title: Kenneth Krauss shows how the title of the play shows the society, in which people live separated from each other in rooms like cages. 2- Origins: The Zoo Story was written by Edward Albee at the age of 30. it has some of Albee 's background story as like Jerry, Albee was an orphan who has feeling of dissatisfaction of what he has, a sense of loneliness, non affiliations, and a sense of misery. 3- Genre: a- Martin Esslin believes that The Zoo Story belongs to Theatre of The Absurd and it has mixed with some sort of realism. b- Rose A. Zimbardo suggests that the play belongs to tragedy as the death of the central character, Jerry, seems tragic 4- Setting: The setting of the play seems as a usual central park with two benches on both sides of the stage. There is also another setting that is described by the central character, Jerry, which is the room in which he lives. 5- Themes: a- Lack of communication is an important theme in The Zoo Story which appears in the character of Jerry who is not able to communicate with anyone even the

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