Theme Of Anger In The Iliad

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Short Proposal Considering the early appearance of anger in literature, some critics think that the concept of anger comes to light in the ancient Greek epic poem, The Iliad, by Homer through the idea of The Wrath of Achilles. Anger became dominant, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries because of the bad conditions in society, economy, and of the most famous movements in the 20th century that deals with the idea of anger and the mood of people at that time. Trifles is one act play by Susan Glaspell in 1916. The play represents the American modernist theatre . Through the play Glaspell concentrates on isolation , gender equality, revenge , and justice…show more content…
From the religious perspective , in Islam anger is " the root of all evils , a secret weapon of man towards evils, and a spark of fire that always bursting " (Zadik 7). From a literary perspective ,according to Susi Kaplow " the emotion which accompanies the first steps toward liberation, for most women is anger " (kaplow 38). American Psychology Association defines anger as is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Some regard the Greek epic poem, Iliad is the first appearance of the concept of anger in literature begins with the idea of "wrath of Achilles". Anger in the Iliad is described in full inflated complexity; it arises from different social causes, e.g. insulting honor or killing a friend, and its manifestations include facial ,verbal and physical expressions ( Potegal and Novaco14). Twentieth century is the age of modernism, which means " The tradition of the new " (Rosenburg 8 ). to destroy all old traditions and focus on the new and modern only. Modernism has many characteristics as the increased feeling of isolation and the decreased feeling of communication between people(Wilson
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