Anger Management Group Analysis

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Process of an Anger Management Group
According to the intern this paper will discuss and look at the elements of an Anger Management Group. The intern will look at specifically an adolescent anger management group that takes place twice a week for an hour at her agency AMIKids Dade North. The intern noticed that there is normally only one facilitator for this particular group sometimes there is a case manager who help co-facilitate the group. The intern observed that there are many people that may have been or are involved in a support group, task group, or anger management group at her agency.
1. Background
The group that the intern will be focusing on this paper is an Anger Management Group. The facilitator of this group uses Anger Replacement
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The group takes place at AMIKids Dade North, which is a day treatment facility for Juvenile Offenders. This group has about ten members in it, which include three females, and seven males. This group has a diverse population and different cultural background.
2. Discuss and evaluate the structural factors that may impact the group and its development.
The intern mentioned that this group is an open group due to the fact that there are many new clients who enter the group every month. The intern states, that the new clients may need to be part of the Anger Management Group as per the intake assessment screening. The intern observed that when new clients enter the group it becomes dysfunctional and it creates chaos for the group to work properly. Furthermore, in one group session the intern stated, there was a new female client who started the group and she wanted to get attention from everyone in the group including the facilitator due to her outgoing
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In this Anger Management Group, The intern noticed one of the male members was sitting on the side who did not talk and he did not interact with the other kids in the group. The intern mentioned that the group facilitator had to call on the male member to answer a question and participate.
Additionally, the intern noticed that there were more males than females in the group. According to Suter, Byrne, Howells, and Days (2002), “There were only a small number of violent female inmates.” Even though the intern noticed that there were less girls, she noticed that the girls had their presence seen and heard by the male clients. E. Levels and styles of influence (Which members appear to have the most “clout?” who have been ignored or dismissed? What leadership struggles have emerged? What forms of influence or power were exhibited?)
According to the intern, there is one member in the group that has been ignored and sits quietly in the back. The intern observed that he does not interact with the group. She also stated that the facilitator of the group calls the male client to get him more involved in the group, but it does not work well. As far as what the intern has observed, the facilitator tries to engage all of the members in the discussions and role plays but it is hard for the facilitator to do
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