Anger Management Therapy Case Study

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A. Identifying information Client is a 15 year old male referred by Hampton Juvenile and Domestic Court for PATTS individual anger management therapy. Client was charged with grand larceny and assault. B. Purpose of the session The purpose of the session is to conduct a trauma, psychosocial and behavioral health assessment for enrollment into PATTS individual anger management therapy. The SW will obtain an overview of the presenting problem and build initial rapport with the client and family. C. Initial observations of the client(s) Client appeared to be cognitive of time, place, and person. He was appropriately dressed and spoke clear and precise. Client presented direct eye contact, but answered questions with avoidance and flat affect.…show more content…
Once in the office, the client chose to sit on the couch and the SW sat across from the client and grandma. The SW informed the client the session would include an assessment of the presenting problem, agency paperwork, goals and intervention treatment plan. The client agreed by nodding his head as the SW proceeded with the session. The SW expressed to the client, she had received a referral from his probation officer about completing anger management therapy. The SW asked the client if he understood the reason why he was present. The client replied, “Yes”, and asked how long he has to come to the sessions. SW replied that therapy would be between six and eight sessions weekly for 50 minutes. Some of those sessions would include grandma for 15 or 20 minutes and the remaining time with him. The grandma and the client collaborated for a moment about other recreational activities and how to coordinate the times. The SW interrupted by asking the client, what activities is he currently participating. The client responded, “Basketball”. The grandma and client were conversing back and forth, until the SW interrupted again to ask the client what happened that he received the charge. The client responded, he had gotten into a fight at school. SW asks the client to elaborate on why and the precise details that led to the fight. The client responded that the other male disrespected him, so he pushed up…show more content…
Grandma reports, low socioeconomic status and has difficulty providing shoes and clothing desired by client. Grandma reports onset of ADHD symptoms around 12. No academic problems in school and is above grade average in math. The client stopped taking medication for about six months and had several violent outburst which concluded to felony charges of assault and grand larceny. Client does not present remorse for his actions and affect is flat, which may be due to medication side affects. Client reports medication is taken once daily and is court mandated. Client presents symptoms of conduct disorder, which may be an effect of ADHD symptoms. The relationships in the home are stable. Client reports, he is in a sexual relationship with another 15 year old female, where parental knowledge is known to both families. Client reports, he feels stable with the exclusion from medication side

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