Angie De Moss Case

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Angie De Moss, had a fairly normal pregnancy period. However, she experienced feelings of morning sickness throughout every day for the first five months of carrying her child. In addition, she would be ill if she didn’t eat before getting hungry. Therefore, she had to be cautious of her nausea and hunger pangs. Despite her stomach battles, Angie could not stifle the cravings of Mac & Cheese, Wendy’s Frosties, McDonald’s French fries, and Burger King Whoppers. Her husband, Brian De Moss, was always on hand to run to a variety of fast food restaurants to meet his wife’s every request. Both parents were eager to work as a team. They were joyous to be expecting their first child. When the special day finally arrived, Angie and Brian rushed to the Bullhead City, Arizona hospital on February 11th at 10:00pm. This night was not an easy nor fast one. The couple decided that they would not induce the labor and instead waited until 2:45pm the next day to begin pushing. After 3 ½ hours and the help of vacuum suction, Angie delivered baby girl, Brianna Marie De Moss, at 5:12pm on February 12th, 1996.…show more content…
The newborn’s Apgar score was significantly low. The Apgar tests for functions such as breathing effort, heart rate, muscle tone, reflexes, and skin color. Cheng, Shaffer, and Caughey (2006, p. 843) explained that babies born in a face up position are “more likely to have a 5-minute Apgar score of 7 or less.” Clearly all of these operations were not up to par for the newborn. She had no sign of muscle tone or reflexes and her skin tone was flush. This was most likely due to the abnormal positioning at birth. Fortunately, this only had some short-term scares and did not last long after

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