Angkor Wat And Stonehenge Analysis

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People nowadays like to spend their leisure time going to some places that can help them feel relief of their hard work. There are plenty of tourist destinations around the world that attract attention to people who desire to have a holiday or vocation. Although Angkor Wat and Stonehenge are the two of attractive places that receive many millions tourists every year and recognized as world heritages. If we compare and contrast these ancient places, they share some similarities and differences in three ways by their incredible history, unbelievable architecture, and hidden purposes. If we compare Angkor Wat with Stonehenge regarding their history, they share 3 different parts. Based on the history, Angkor Wat was built in 12th century by Khmer predecessors, although Stonehenge was erected approximately in 2500BC. According to Narong (2013), he states that Angkor Wat temple was constructed at the beginning of 12 century around the year of 1113AC. As reported by English heritage, “Stonehenge was built by prehistoric where is the place for burial their cremated dead in about 5000 years ago”. In addition, they are located in different continents in which share different history. Narong also mentioned “Angkor Wat is located in Asia, and the founder of this temple named king Suryavarman II who was one of the great king during Khmer empire”. In agreement with English heritage, “Stonehenge is located in Europe where is the place for cremation, were built different period of time and

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